Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all who participated in the 2021 Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance!

Best of Show: 1931 Chrysler Imperial CG Victoria by Waterhouse owned by Henry Hallowell III (photo by Phil Neff)

Best of Show Sport: 1968 Chevrolet Corvette Sunray DX L88 owned by Irwin Kroiz (photo by Bryan McCarthy)

Best of Show Motorcycle: 1921 Mars A20 owned by Christopher Aker (photo by John Lawless)

Full list of results below:

Best Of Show1931ChryslerImperial CG Victoria by WaterhouseHenry Hallowell III
Best Of Show Sport1968CorvetteSunray DX L88Irwin Kroiz
Timeless Elegance1935SS One Airline2 Door SaloonJim & Lisa Hendrix
People's Choice1926BugattiType 37 GPChristopher Rheault
Chairman's Award1961Ferrari250GT PF CabrioletCary Robinson
Thorncroft Award1932ChryslerImperial CG Special RoadsterMark Smith
Spirit of Radnor Award1931ChryslerImperial CG LeBaron Dual Cowl PhaetonJoseph & Margie Cassini
Artist's Award1952ChryslerD'Elegance Coupe by GhiaDonald Bernstein
Ed Boyle Award1956ChryslerImperial South Hampton 2-Door CoupeDave & Linda Kane
Hagerty Jr. Judges Choice Best In Class1958Morgan"+4" RoadsterBruce Menkowitz
Hagerty Jr. Judges Choice Radnor Award1918CadillacType 57 TouringJesse Krupinski
Bugatti Touring Best In Class1938BugattiType 57C Stelvio by GangloffJohn Shibles
Bugatti Touring Radnor Award1936BugattiType 57 Atalante CoupeAlan Rosenblum
Bugatti Racing Best In Class1926BugattiType 37 GPChristopher Rheault
Bugatti Racing Radnor Award1929BugattiType 37A Grand PrixTom Clifford
Imperial Pre War Best In Class1931ChryslerImperial CG Victoria by WaterhouseHenry Hallowell III
Imperial Pre War Radnor Award1937ChryslerImperial C-14NB Center
Imperial Post War Best In Class1968ChryslerImperial Crown ConvertibleHenry Hallowell III
Imperial Post War Radnor Award1951ChryslerImperial Crown 8 Passenger SedanPaul Wolfmeyer
Ferrari Not Red Pre 1970 Best In Class1952Ferrari342 America Speciale Cabriolet by VignaleDennis & Susan Garrity
Ferrari Not Red Pre 1970 Radnor Award1960Ferrari250 GT Speciale 1737GTOscar Davis Collection
Ferrari Not Red 1970+ Best In Class1988FerrariMondial Cabriolet by PininfarinaDon & Diane Meluzio
Ferrari Not Red 1970+ Radnor Award1970Ferrari246 Dino CoupeGlenn Simon
Unrestored/Preservation Pre War Best In Class1927Franklin11B Sport TourerHoward Lewis
Unrestored/Preservation Pre War Radnor Award1939BugattiType 57 AtalanteDavid & Joan North
Unrestored/Preservation Post War Best In Class1947FordWoody WagonRich Myers
Unrestored/Preservation Post War Radnor Award1969ContinentalMark IIIEmil Meyer
European Vintage Post War Best In Class Phil Fleck Memorial1952DaimlerDB-18 Drophead by HooperJohn & Linda Spillman
European Vintage Post War Radnor Award Phil Fleck Memorial1964Fiat2300S CoupeWalter & Roseanne Eisenstark
American CCCA Classic Best In Class1931Buick8-94 Sport RoadsterDavid Landow
American CCCA Classic Radnor Award1929Packard645 Deluxe 8 Roadster by DietrichPaul Kilker
American Vintage Post War Best In Class1956StudebakerPresident Pinehurst Station WagonMark James
American Vintage Post War Radnor Award1957FordFairlane 500 SkylinerDr. Charles Musto
Open Sports Car Best In Class1963ShelbyCobra CSX2125Lewis Pollard
Open Sports Car Radnor Award1935TriumphSouthern CrossDennis Mamchur
Closed Sports Car Best In Class1963CorvetteSplit Window CoupeTony & Jolene McBride
Closed Sports Car Radnor Award1973PorscheCarrera RS LightweightDick Butler
Historic Race Car Best In Class Presented by Judy Stropus1968CorvetteSunray DX L88Irwin Kroiz
Historic Race Car Radnor Award Presented by Judy Stropus1958OSCA750SJulie & Scott Fenley
Debutante Pre War Best In Class1932PackardTwin Six Custom Convertible Sedan by DietrichBuck Collection
Debutante Pre War Radnor Award1936Packard1407 Twelve Convertible Coupe Roadster by MurrayScott & Susy Spiro
Debutante Post War Best In Class1961AlvisTD21 Graber SpecialKen Swanstrom
Debutante Post War Radnor Award1957FordFairlane 500 SkylinerDr. Charles Musto
Veteran Best In Class1922Secqueville-HoyauLight Car Sports Two Seater with DickeyAlexander Giacobetti
Veteran Radnor Award1909FordModel T TouringThomas Schell
Best Of Show (Motorcycle)1921MarsA20Christopher Aker
Preservation (Motorcycle)1971NortonCommando Production RacerDanny Guerra
Preservation (Motorcycle)1974NortonCommando JPSDanny Guerra
Spirit of Radnor Award (Motorcycle)1968Munch4 1200 TTSChristopher Aker
Historical Significance (Motorcycle)1956Ducati125 Grand SportRoy Kidney
Competition (Motorcycle)1946Moto GuzziDondolinoDave Roper
People's Choice (Motorcycle)1991BimotaTesi 1DPhillip Richter
Moto Guzzi (Motorcycle)1938Moto GuzziGTSTodd Trumbore
English (Motorcycle)1955VincentBlack PrinceWilliam Weissman
Japanese (Motorcycle)1983HondaCX650 TurboBrad Beers
German (Motorcycle)1921MarsA20Christopher Aker