The 1928 Auburn 8-88 Speedster of Richard and Helen Harding won Best of Show in 2017. Radnor Hunt would like to congratulate Richard and Helen as earlier in 2017 their 8-88 also received the AACA’s highest honor, their Zenith Award.

Frank and Morris Eckhart of the Eckhart Carriage Company were responsible for founding the Auburn Automobile Company in 1900. By 1903 they produced their first car. The company was hit hard by the postwar depression and was facing insolvency by 1924. Enter Errett Loban Cord. By 1926 he became president of Auburn; later buying the famous Duesenberg marque as his crowning jewel. A young designer named Alan Leamy, arriving at Duesenberg when he was just 25 years old, was the man responsible for penning the limited production Speedster model, like this Navajo Red and Black example, when he was just 28 years old.

The 1983 Lancia-Abarth Rally 037 by Pininfarina of John and Suzanne Campion won Best of Show Sporting Marque in 2017.

The Lancia Rally Tipo 151, also known as the Rally 037 or Lancia Abarth 037 (from its Abarth project code) was a mid-engine sports and rally car built by Lancia in the early 1980’s to compete in the FIA World Rally Championship. In the 1983 season, the Rally 037 became the last rear-wheel drive car to win in the WRC. This car is an Evo2 model and was first registered in November 1983. Car #411 garnered numerous wins and podium finishes while wearing many liveries. A 450hp 1.8-litre supercharged 4-cylinder engine provides motivation.